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Hey! It's Jotham & Charity! 

We met two years ago at a discipleship training school at YWAM in Kona. Now newly married we have a new adventure ahead. As we pursue uncomfortable faith, God's faithfulness keeps on getting sweeter! We have a huge passion for serving God and following His call in our life. Currently, we are serving with YWAM KONA to reach unreached people groups. We pray this site serves you well and encourages you in your walk with the Lord.

Jotham's Story

I grew up as a missionary kid in Burkina Faso and during my teenage years, I lived in Switzerland. Living cross-culturally, it was instinctual to have a curiosity about adventurous new places. I spent many mornings watching travel shows and daydreaming that could be me. Since I was young I had a passion for nations. 

From the earliest, I remember God was real, moving in powerful miracles all around me. At12 years old I had a marking moment. The God I was familiar with since my childhood was no longer only a miracle worker but I knew he loved me intimately. This is the God I decided I would serve for the rest of my life. In the following years, I always knew deep down mission was the call God was asking me to answer.

Charity's Story

I Grew up enjoying all the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. With my parents as pastors, I was always at church, it was my second home and family. As a girl, I had a deep appreciation and honor for God. At any given time I was counting down the days until the next time I got to travel. I dreamt of going and meeting people who didn’t speak my language. It wasn't until later that I saw there was more to missions than a spring break trip. 

From middle school to early high school, life got a little more complicated. It was during these years my eyes were opened and confronted with the darkness in the world and the pain in my own life. I too needed more than a Sunday service. I sought and found relationship, safety, freedom, comfort, and a friend. These years God's tangible love met me where I was. He began to teach me Lordship.  He has been faithful time and time again and I have learned that He is worthy of my yes.

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